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Kathy S.

stars“I started out my journey working with Dr Vickers. Doctors told me I needed back and knee surgery. Dr Vickers worked with me on strengthening my core. The results were amazing. During this time Adam helped me with my food intake. If you tell me what I can and cannot eat then I surely want to eat that. I started tracking my food intake, and little by little I was losing weight. Learning about the food I was putting in my body made me want to make changes. I started losing weight and felt so much better. Now it was time for the next big step, starting up with the HIITcamps. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I am so motivated to be strong and fit. I even started doing more exercises at home. Adam: Thank you so much for standing by my side, cheering me on. Let’s do work, son!”

-Kathy S.