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Online/Remote Training

Whether you are an avid gym goer or looking to get in a quick 30 minute workout while your kids are asleep this program will work for you!




High intensity class designed to elevate your heart rate, with dynamic barbell movements, while incorporating STRENGTH and PERFORMANCE aspects of exercise.



These classes are for all ability levels. We will be using FUN-ctional movements and cardiovascular machines to help your muscles really feel the burn, while elevating and decreasing you heart rate through out the class.


Youth Performance

HIITBOX youth performance classes are designed to take your gifted athlete to the next level. Running mechanics, Injury prevention, acceleration, deceleration, agility, foot work, coordination etc are just some of the functions our program teaches.Performance classes are taught by actual strength and conditioning coaches so you know your athlete is getting the knowledge and preparation they need to improve their skill sets. Classes are designed to help athletes in EVERY sport become the best versions of themselves.



A FEMALES ONLY class dedicated to building each other mentally and physically through HIIT training utilizing weights and bits of cardio.


1-On-1 Training

Our coaches offer the BEST 1 on 1 training in northern Colorado. With expertise in nutrition, workouts and transforming you from the inside out we have what it takes to get you to your fitness goals. We not only provide the 1 on 1 sessions but we provide custom food plans and workouts to make sure you are successful!

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