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Awarded Best of Brighton 2019

HIITBOX Brighton is separate from other facilities because we put EMPATHY first. While we want commitment, and strive to facilitate all of your fitness needs, we understand what it feels like to start from square one. We know you will have good and bad days because we have been there too.

See, our coaches have all started right where you are at. We have all dreamed about feeling and looking a certain way, and worked VERY HARD to get where we are at. So we can empathize with you, then really help SERVE you on your journey.

We only ask 2 things:

  1. You always give 100% EFFORT. No one can judge your effort BUT YOU, so we ask that you always give us what we are going to give you: 100% EFFORT.
  2. NO MEMBER GETS LEFT BEHIND. We all need help at times, and when you see a member struggling, EVERYONE needs to jump behind that member and encourage them. We are a fitness family so we make sure everyone finishes together!

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